Physiological Antioxidant, Weight Loss and Glucose Control

Nature’s weapon against obesity.
Looking to battle obesity? Look to green tea. It is rich in catechins that burn subcutaneous and visceral fat. What’s more, it burns it at an amazing rate – 1.3 times higher than that of caffeine.
Fewer radicals, fewer health issues.
Free radicals are harmful oxygen compounds floating within our bodies. These are not something we catch; they occur naturally. As destructive agents, they can be responsible for aging, cancer, strokes, renal failure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cirrhosis and arteriosclerosis. When the body matures, its ability to fight free radicals diminishes. Green tea helps by scavenging free radicals within the body with the superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzyme. This is referred to as SOD-like activity, and green tea is renowned for it. In fact, green tea’s SOD-like activity is 400 times that of other plants and fruits.
Keeping glucose levels in check.
Controlling blood glucose levels can be nightmarish. However, green tea can help. A study shows that after only two months of using green tea, glucose levels dropped from 108 milligrams to 105 milligrams. When consumption of green tea was halted, glucose levels rose. Conclusion? Green tea is an effective tool for lowering blood glucose levels. An invaluable asset for everyone, this is particularly important to people afflicted with diabetes.