Taiyo International is the North American subsidiary of Taiyo Kagaku Corporation, a global leader in delivering beneficial foods and ingredients since 1946.

Taiyo’s team is driven by three core ideals

  • Imagine: Passionately pursuing ideas to improve humanity’s future
  • Desire: A strong will to achieve our goals and deliver solutions
  • Create: Establish values that inspire people around the globe

Taiyo International is more than an ingredient manufacturer

We are an ingredients solutions company. We solve challenges using innovative technologies. Taiyo’s expertise is sought after in such key areas as:

  • Product development
  • Prototyping and applications
  • Customer partner support
  • Healthcare professional education
  • Consumer insights and education
  • Consumer promotions

Taiyo’s specialties

  • Nutrition: Taiyo leads the world in innovative functional foods and ingredients derived from natural sources. We continually explore and develop safe, natural ways to manage health.
  • Clean, traceable, reliable ingredients: Taiyo delivers farm-to-market traceable products, ensuring identification of the origin and using clean manufacturing processes.
  • Caring for humanity and our planet: Taiyo is committed to developing and using product technologies that are safe for people and the environment.

We promote healthy food and healthy living

Taiyo manufacturers more than 2,000 best-in-class, highly functional ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries, at manufacturing facilities around the world.