Pregnant moms and their babies may both need extra iron. But finding the right iron supplement can be a little tricky. Some have an unappealing metallic taste and can cause constipation or other digestive upsets. Iron supplements are also notoriously difficult for the body to absorb, so moms may not be getting as much iron as they think they are. 

Here’s the exciting news! New research published in Cureus confirmed that Taiyo’s SunActive Fe is a safe and effective way to significantly increase iron levels in the blood without the typical drawbacks to consumer compliance. 

This study involved 27 iron-deficient pregnant women in their second trimester. Those who took a supplement containing 30 mg of SunActive Fe for 90 days showed a 46.9 percent increase in serum iron, 6.6 times elevated serum ferritin and a 24.5 percent increase in hemoglobin levels. Those levels remained elevated throughout the study. 

Plus, these moms-to-be also reported having more energy and less nausea as a result of their improved iron status. Additionally, participants demonstrated excellent compliance with the iron supplement regimen. Babies born during the study showed healthy birth weights, with uncomplicated deliveries.

SunActive Fe is a proven approach to iron supplementation, and is suitable for food, beverage and dietary supplements. This patented micronized and encapsulated form of iron is gentle on the stomach so it’s easy to consume. It’s also easier for the body to absorb. SunActive Fe is non-GMO, vegan and kosher. And it is recommended by the World Health Organization as an ideal way to fortify iron intake.