When functional medicine expert Bryce Wylde, BSc, DHMHS, revealed some of the Best-in-Show picks at Expo West 2023, several NutriScience USA customer partners were among his favorites. In this video, he invites Nutriscience Innovations Central Region Sales Manager Braxton Wright, M.S., Nutrition, on a tour of the show to discuss why products made with Sunfiber and Suntheanine made his Best in Show list. 

Best-in-Show criteria 

Wylde selected his Best-in-Show products and ingredients based on stringent criteria: sustainability, science, traceability, transparency, efficacy, purity and potency. 

Wright confirms NutriScience looks for branded ingredients that demonstrate clinical efficacy and safety. “We want to provide consumers with what will be effective and safe for them to take.”

Brands are choosing Sunfiber for its superior benefits 

Wright and Wylde discuss why consumers look at the label when choosing a dietary fiber supplement. “You want to make sure it’s not causing the very symptoms you’re looking to avoid: the gas, the bloating and distention,” Wylde comments. 

Their first stop is at the Healthy Heights booth, as Wright explains that this children’s nutritional food company swapped out inulin and other fibers in favor of Sunfiber.

Healthy Heights in-house nutritionist and branding specialist McKenzie Hall confirms the brand switched to Sunfiber to eliminate the stomach discomfort associated with some other fibers. “We work with small children and sensitive tummies. Sunfiber is a perfect ingredient for us.”

The many advantages of Suntheanine  

Still on the subject of children, the conversation turns to the rising incidence of children diagnosed with ADHD and the importance of helping these children get a good night’s sleep. Theanine has been shown to help induce alpha waves for a deeper state of relaxation. “But not just any theanine,” stresses Wylde. 

“Suntheanine has multiple clinical studies supporting its use for children and sleep,” confirms Wright. They ask ChildLife Essentials founder and CEO Murray Clarke, DNM, D.HOm, L.Ac, why he chose to use Suntheanine in his Sleep Essentials product. 

“We always look for the highest quality ingredients,” explains Clarke. “Theanine is one of the primary ingredients in Sleep Essentials. We looked at all the clinical research studies and figured out that Suntheanine is the best in the world. So we put it in there. No melatonin. Just the Suntheanine.”  

Wylde observes, “That’s really important because at the end of the day, the ‘free from’ or what’s not in a product can be just as important as what’s in a product. Safety and efficacy, that’s where everything is at. Suntheanine has all of that and checks all the boxes. … What’s interesting is that this actually goes above and beyond a good sleep. (Suntheanine) is for attention, focus, alertness, concentration but without sedative effects.”

Suntheanine for better adult sleep  

Many adults may also benefit from Suntheanine’s ability to help people fall asleep faster and support restorative sleep. “There are actually products out there that, when made the right way, can help people get into a much deeper, restful sleep so they wake up feeling energized and are living a happy, healthy life,” comments Wylde. 

For anyone who may be sensitive to a lot of sleep products, he asks Wright how to find the right, clean ingredients. 

“Suntheanine is a great product for sleep,” Wright confirms. “It’s been shown to improve sleep in adults and children.” He uses Premier Research Labs’ Tranquinol as an example. “They are so meticulous with the quality and cleanliness of the products they use. They use no excipients. (Each ingredient) has to meet rigorous quality standards. That’s why we’re so proud of this product where Suntheanine is being used.”

Sports nutrition is also a good platform for Suntheanine   

Athletes, even weekend warriors, are on the go. Their brains are always on alert or “in the state of GABA” explains Wylde. He asks Wright, “What can we offer athletes who are in this state?” 

“Suntheanine is a great option because it can help increase those alpha waves to help bring you down from that overstimulation,” Wright responds. It can also help increase focus so “athletes can stay honed in on what they are trying to do.”

This is why Sports Research chose Suntheanine. Confirms Sports Research Project Manager Nathan McWherter, “Suntheanine has a great amount of clinical studies that back up how it can be used for focus … We formulated with Suntheanine because we like to stand behind something that’s packed with research and science. … We couldn’t be happier with what we’ve been able to do with NutriScience and Suntheanine.” 

Contact NutriScience to request more information about the benefits of using Sunfiber and Suntheanine in your formulas. 


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