Corporate Divisions

Nutrition Division:Nutrition Division

Creation of new functional food markets: Components of innovative ingredients derived from natural sources have beneficial effects to further develop the body’s ability to protect and manage one’s health. We are working towards creating new functional food markets by exploring various properties of natural materials and microencapsulated functional nutrients.




SunActive® Nutrition Delivery System




Interface Solution Division:Interface Solution Division

Further expanding the capabilities of interface technology acquired in the food sector: Technologies for controlling the interface of foods, which are both safe for humans and the environment are receiving attention even from sectors outside of the food industry. Such interface technologies can be used to develop new products for the cosmetic, toiletry and industrial industries.



Natural Ingredient Division:

Delivering reliability, safety and palatability to consumers: Strictly selecting agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables and eggs from all over the world, isolating nutritious and palatable ingredients, Taiyo is able to deliver traceable products, ensuring identification of the origin of our produce. We aim to create highly original products by striving to bring out the full flavor of ingredients through our highly specialized processing technologies.

Processed Fruit Products and Flavorings

Confectionery and Bakery Materials

Processed Egg Products