Taiyo is proud that Suntheanine is the leading branded L-theanine. It’s just what people are looking for! Please join us on Thursday, February 16 from 12:00 – 1:00 CT for our live webinar, The Suntheanine Solution: Sharpen Your Mind, Reduce Stress and Optimize Sleep. This interesting and informative event, hosted by NutriScience Innovations, will focus on Suntheanine’s function, benefits and formulation possibilities. 


We’ll kick things off with an overview of Suntheanine. Our NutriScience Innovations presenters will be: 

  • R&D Scientist Mallory Goggans, MS Food Science 
  • Central Sales Manager Braxton Wright, MS Sports Nutrition 


Next, we’re excited to welcome a special guest presenter: the always fun and engaging Bryce Wylde, a leading nutrition expert and natural healthcare professional. Bryce will discuss why Suntheanine is a perfect solution for sharpening your mind, reducing stress and optimizing your sleep. 


Suntheanine is backed by hundreds of original clinical and scientific studies demonstrating its efficacy for cognitive health and mood support, among other benefits that may improve your quality of life. You’ll enjoy learning more about this very popular ingredient!  


This seminar is free but you must register here.