Sunsoft® Cosmetics

Having over 70 years insight and profound knowledge about surface-activity technologies and the manufacturing know-how of Poly Glycerol Fatty acid Esters (PGFEs), Taiyo is vigorously pushing the boundaries of our PGFEs to cosmetic and personal care fields as well.

Performance wise & PEG free PGFEs

Taiyo’s PGFEs for cosmetic use, marketed under the brand name Sunsoft, have been acknowledged by top cosmetic performers around the world.

  • PEG-free Surfactants
    Low skin irritation, softness and hydration with utmost safety
  • High Performance
    Excellent surface activity covering emulsification, solubilization, texture modification, detergency & foaming, etc.
  • Strong application capabilities delivering range of distinguishable solutions (especially, cleansing formulation)
  • Mostly made of food additives from edible and reliable sources
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable

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