Natural Organic Green Tea Leaf Powder

Matcha PowderMatcha Powder is made of high-grade green tea leaves cultivated with special care. It has a fresh taste and natural vivid green color. Matcha Powder can be used as a unique refreshing flavor in beverages, dairy products and confections.

Not only enjoyed for its rich flavor, Matcha is also a wholesome nutritious ingredient. When treated with care, Matcha is a rich source of polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, fibers, chlorophyll and L-theanine.

Traditional Matcha is ground slowly by a stone mill in order to minimize friction and heat which can cause the deterioration of its color and flavor.

When it comes to Matcha, quality matters. That’s why Taiyo is dedicated to producing Matcha of superior quality using only best practices. To maintain the leaf’s natural green color, savory taste, and rich nutrient content, our Matcha Powder is prepared under carefully controlled low temperatures in a GMP and FSSC Certified quality facility using only the highest quality pesticide controlled leaves to assure compliance with stringent U.S. FDA residual pesticide regulations for tea.

A leader in green tea for over 25 years, Taiyo is at the forefront of research and product development. Contact us to learn more about incorporating Taiyo’s Matcha Powder in your next product.