Taiyo and ITO EN are once again making international headlines, this time with a study suggesting matcha’s benefits go beyond flavor and color. The food, beverage and supplement journals are spreading the news: Ceremonial-grade matcha, produced by ITO EN and offered by Taiyo International, enhances cognition and reaction times.

This short video highlights some of the most remarkable findings from the study and what these journals are saying.

“The study demonstrates the cognitive benefits of matcha, which provides evidence to support new health claims. This expands matcha from a desirable flavor and color to an ingredient that can also provide a verifiable benefit,” says Nutrition Insight. 

Nutraceutical Business Review reports news that caffeine and theanine, both naturally present in matcha, create a positive effect on cognition in young, healthy adults during and after exposure to stress conditions. Higher attentional and cognitive function translates to improved performance during work and daily activities. 

NutraIngredients-USA reveals, “Any improvement in a young healthy person is noteworthy since they are at their highest mental state, whereas any cognitively impaired population has more room for improvement.”

Evidence confirms that matcha is an indulgent ingredient with nootropic benefits. “Formulators can easily supplement the L-theanine in ceremonial-grade matcha by adding 50 to 150 mg of Suntheanine to take further advantage of its scientifically proven mood, sleep and focus benefits,” suggests a Nutritional Outlook article.

Taiyo shares the trade media’s excitement about the results of this study and is proud to make beneficial ITO EN’s ceremonial-grade matcha available to our customers.