Millions of Americans report being sidelined from everyday activities due to chronic lower back discomfort. That’s a huge market! But many products targeting back discomfort are simply ingredient combinations with no clinical studies associated with the finished formula. That’s about to change. 

The editors of Nutraceutical Business Review (NBR) were among the first to report on a new randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study showing that Taiyo’s unique water-extracted moringa seed extract, available through NutriScience Innovations as MorActive, has a clinically significant effect on lower back discomfort at a very low dose. 

NBR readers learned: “MorActive works by desensitizing the nerves and receptors associated with back discomfort, lowering discomfort levels. Glucomoringin is converted in the body to moringin, which has been shown to be a very effective and potent antagonist of TRPA1, an ion channel known as a sensor for aches. It is also one of the few formulas to be specifically studied on lower back discomfort.” 

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Check out the article from Nutraceutical Business Review here.