Gut microbiome health has been a big driver within the nutraceutical industry for several years. Consumers who once were unaware that their guts did anything more than digest food are now eager to learn about any newly discovered benefits of having a balance of healthy gut bacteria. This is leading to a surge in gut health formulations, particularly prebiotic fiber innovation. 

When they heard the news of a pilot study connecting the gut microbiome with women’s fertility, editors of Nutraceutical Business Review (NBR) were eager to report on the findings. Taiyo’s
PHGG (Sunfiber)
was used in this study, which was published by the Journal of Chemical Biochemistry Nutrition. 

As reported by NBR, Japanese researchers examined the impact of prebiotic
Sunfiber PHGG
  on fertility, and determined that the study participants who were able to conceive had
a higher percentage of Bifidobacterium along with a lower abundance of Paraprevotella and Blautia, and a lower abundance of Paraprevotella and Blautia, before and after

This article will likely attract the interest of numerous industry leaders, who read NBR because it is the only B2B platform to report on the full spectrum of business and technology in the nutraceutical industry. Learn more about the study