Eldermune, the high-potency 65:1 elderberry juice concentrate blended with clinically researched Sunfiber, has been dubbed “The Elderberry Superhero” by supplier NutriScience Innovations in two fun new consumer educational videos

Eldermune supports immune and digestive health in a new and innovative way. This is a synergistic combination of TRU-ID certified elderberry for immune support and Sunfiber, a prebiotic dietary fiber that supports digestion. Sunfiber also replaces some of the natural elderberry fiber lost during the juicing process. 

The videos help consumers understand the value of this powerful combination by depicting Eldermune as a caped superhero that can defend against invaders. Sunfiber is the digestive superhero sidekick. Eldermune is touted as “one of the strongest immune health superheroes around,” while Sunfiber is described as, “one of the greatest digestive fiber superheroes on the planet.” Viewers also learn about Eldermune’s modern infrared drying technology which keeps its polyphenols and anthocyanins strong and whole. 

Solvent-free and carrier-free Eldermune is water-soluble making it suitable for dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, gummies and candies. It is gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, organic, kosher and vegan. 

NutriScience Innovations is a leading global ingredient developer and supplier, offering innovative ingredients based on science and efficacy.