Taiyo’s highly bioavailable and water-soluble isoquercitrin SunActive IsoQ, is now among the growing list of Taiyo’s products to achieve Informed Ingredient certification, confirming that it is free of impurities and substances banned in sports nutrition products. 

This certification provides Taiyo’s customers with the additional confidence that when they use our brands in their formulas, they are not just effective but are also safe for athletes to use.

LGC’s Informed Ingredient certification is an ambitious and thorough testing process that involves the ingredient and the entire manufacturing process. This voluntary program assures brand manufacturers that ingredients have been routinely tested for a wide range of prohibited substances, and are therefore safe to be used by athletes without concerns of adulteration or contamination.

Informed Ingredient certification is also a huge convenience for Taiyo’s customers who sell dietary supplements on Amazon because it is a first step in LGC’s Informed Choice and Informed Sport certifications, which in addition to evaluating the raw ingredient and manufacturing process also involves a monthly retail monitoring and testing program. LGC’s certification is one of Amazon’s approved third-party quality certification programs required for selling dietary supplements on its site. 

SunActive IsoQ is currently available in finished products from CAVU Nutrition, both of which are available on Amazon.