You may already be familiar with Sunfiber for its many great dietary fiber benefits. It’s time to also think of Sunfiber as an industry leading prebiotic. This educational webinar, hosted by NutriScience, Taiyo International and the Industry Transparency Center, dives into Sunfiber’s numerous scientifically validated prebiotic benefits.  


This webinar was presented by Taiyo International’s Derek Timm, PhD, RDN, who clearly explains Sunfiber’s benefits as they pertain to everyone from formulators to dietitians and other healthcare professionals. Whether you’re interested in how Sunfiber’s prebiotic properties  support digestive health, immune health, cardiovascular health, the gut/brain axis and even satiety, this is must-know information. 


What is Sunfiber? 

Sunfiber (partially hydrolyzed guar gum or PHGG) is a 100 percent soluble fiber produced from the guar bean. When mixed with water, it is tasteless, colorless, odorless and has low viscosity. It is easy to work with and pleasant to consume. 


Sunfiber is very well researched. It is backed by more than 180 published studies, including 120 human clinical trials. It is an FDA-approved dietary fiber and was the first low-FODMAP fiber certified by Monash University. It has many more certifications that make it desirable to formulators and consumers. 


Research shows that Sunfiber: 

  • Aids in regularity, both occasional constipation and occasional diarrhea
  • Is associated with post-prandial blood glucose attenuation 
  • Helps lower serum cholesterol
  • Promotes increased fullness and decreased hunger
  • Helps promote iron absorption (serum ferritin)
  • Has prebiotic properties

Even better, Sunfiber accomplishes this without the common side effects including excess gas and bloating. Those side effects often lead to poor compliance. 


Sunfiber’s health benefits go beyond the FDA’s dietary fiber definition 


In this interesting webinar, Timm discusses the scientific evidence supporting Sunfiber’s prebiotic health benefits, often experienced with modest 6-gram doses. This science spans: 

  • Gut health
  • Cardiometabolic improvement
  • Mineral absorption 


Timm explains that recent studies indicate Sunfiber is excellent at increasing butyrate levels, which is good for the gut epithelial lining.


He also cites scientific research on Sunfiber that is based on the real-world applications including: athletes who experience improvements in occasional diarrhea while training or competing; children who become more regular and less irritable after consuming Sunfiber; people with lower blood glucose level spikes after meals; people with decreased postprandial markers for cholesterol and triglycerides; and otherwise healthy adults who report more days without experiencing cold symptoms and bowel irregularity. 


Get the whole story on Sunfiber as a leading, science-backed prebiotic fiber. Discover what makes it unique. Visit for even more information about this remarkable and natural ingredient. 


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