Sunphenon EGCg and Teavigo have been classified as a 100 percent natural ingredients by the International Organization for Standardization, meeting the requirements of ISO 19657:2017. This means food and supplement manufacturers formulating with Sunphenon EGCg and Teavigo can use the “100% natural” claim on their product labels. They can also use this certification to simplify the certification process for their own products.

Many of today’s consumers read labels looking for ingredients that are natural, recognizable and of high quality. With this certification, Sunphenon EGCg and Teavigo stand out as a premium green tea ingredients.

“Being certified as 100% natural further demonstrates Taiyo’s commitment to transparency and sustainability, as well as our commitment to our customer partners,” said Taiyo International Vice President Scott Smith.

Sunphenon EGCg and Teavigo are 100% natural green tea extracts having high purity decaffeinated EGCg (Epigallocatechin gallate). They contain more than 94% of this major catechin and are perfect for use in dietary supplement, beverages and food products without tea taste or color.