Sebum, the waxy scalp oil, naturally helps moisturize hair. But aged or oxidized sebum is associated with inflammation, reducing hair strength and elasticity, and with causing issues such as itching, odor, redness, dandruff and even hair loss. 

As reported by Cosmetics and Toiletries, a leading peer-reviewed cosmetic science resource, polyglyceryl-10 laurate (Taiyo’s Sunsoft M-12J), may support hair and scalp health by selectively removing difficult-to-remove sebum components such as oleic acid that are at high risk of oxidizing and inducing inflammation, while leaving the beneficial components in place. 

Specifically, the researchers found that polyglyceryl-10 laurate, “not only helped to emulsify the oleic acid, but to some degree, it solubilized it, leading to a mixed and unconventional cleansing mechanism.”

Sunsoft M-12J is a gentle, balancing cleanser. In addition to hair shampoo and conditioner, it is versatile enough to be suitable for baby products and rinse-off products such as makeup removers, hand sanitizers, facial/body cleansers and dermo-cosmetics.   

The preliminary research was conducted by scientists from The Foundation for Asia Scalp Health Research Center and Beauty Hi-tech Innovation Co., Ltd. in Kobe, Japan.