Taiyo Kagaku Co Ltd (Taiyo) and DSM, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of nutritional ingredients and have entered into a licensing deal, effective July 1, 2014, which will transfer the entirety of the Teavigo brand EGCg business to Taiyo. Under terms of the deal, Taiyo will become the sole producer of Teavigo by the end of 2014.

Teavigo brand EGCg had previously been distributed under license by Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. (Pharmachem) in the dietary supplement segment and by DSM in the food and beverage segments. Under terms of the agreement, Taiyo will take responsibility for all customer segments, globally.

“Taiyo is aware that DSM put a lot of thought into this decision. With its shift in corporate focus, DSM was careful in its selection of a company that would carry on the Teavigo production and customer support. Taiyo is proud that DSM chose us to maintain and advance the Teavigo business,” said Scott Smith, vice president, Taiyo International.

“Teavigo brand EGCg is a perfect addition to our existing Suntheanine and Sunphenon green tea portfolio. It meets Taiyo’s high standards for providing efficacious, research-backed ingredients for the food, beverage and supplement clients that are of unparalleled quality.”

During the transitional period, DSM, Pharmachem and Taiyo, will collectively work together to allow for an orderly transition for all Teavigo customers and are dedicated to assure an uninterrupted supply of Teavigo EGCg.