Chia Oil

Collaboration ensures swift supply of premium omega-3 chia oil

Sandra Gillot, CEO of Benexia, a leading researcher, cultivator and processor of chia seed ingredients for the supplement, food and beverage industries, has announced a new partnership with Taiyo to exclusively distribute its ingredients throughout North America.

According to Gillot, Taiyo will concentrate its considerable resources to promote and sell Benexia’s new chia oil produced via XIA PURE Ox Blocker, its proprietary process that ensures significantly improved stability, greatly extended shelf life and a superior quality seed oil for use in foods, beverages and dietary supplements.

Gillot notes that Benexia has deep respect for the team at Taiyo, whose corporate legacy thus far has been one characterized by superior quality products and consistent customer service. “Because our chia oil featuring XIA PURE Ox Blocker is so unique, we needed a company that knows how to successfully launch and sustain interest for branded ingredients that possess truly original technology. Taiyo meets our high standards for what we were looking for in a partner,” she explains.

“Taiyo is equally pleased with this new partnership” commented Scott Smith, Vice President of Taiyo International. Chia seed oil provides a sustainable, vegetable (vegan) source of Omega-3 oil that consumers are seeking. “Benexia’s commitment to quality from farm to finished product was obvious at every step in the process.  Likewise, Benexia’s level of understanding of the clinical research substantiating the health benefits of Chia Oil produced via their proprietary process played a key role in our desire to partner with Benexia.”

Chia oil is the richest source of omega-3 found in nature, with at least 60 percent of omega-3 alpha linolenic acid (ALA), a polyunsaturated fatty acid that consumers are seeking as part of a healthy diet. However, often these healthy oils are rather sensitive to oxidation. To address this issue, Benexia successfully developed XIA PURE Ox Blocker technology, enabling them to guarantee a longer shelf life of the product, a stable delivery of its nutraceutical properties, and a consistent fresh taste and smell. This proprietary technology uses a process and formulation that maintains the natural tocopherols within the oil, bringing an excellent oxidative stability to the product, up to two years at ambient temperature, while preserving its high ORAC level of antioxidants (962 umol/TE/100g), present in the specially selected chia seeds.

“The technology allows Benexia to obtain a pure chia oil that guarantees the intact presence of the natural content of antioxidants contained in the seeds, maintains high fatty acid (ALA) stability, and offers a great taste with exceptional nutrition, all without risk of rancidity,” Gillot adds.

Taiyo International is the North American sales office for Taiyo Kagaku Japan, a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients for the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries. Taiyo focuses on the development of innovative ingredients, derived from natural sources, to further develop the body’s ability to protect and manage one’s health.  For further information, visit

Benexia Chia is grown and processed by Functional Products Trading, S.A., Santiago, Chile. Benexia offers superior quality, 100% natural, clean label, non-GMO, gluten-free chia ingredients to the nutrition industry. The company’s production is vertically integrated enabling it to control the quality from farm to finished product in a sustainable and fully traceable manner.It maintains its agricultural operations in Bolivia and Argentina, and its extraction operations in Chile. For further information, visit

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