Pure, powerful and plant-based

lady eating yogurtSunChia is a high-quality, sustainable and reliable way to deliver the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient-rich oil is ideal for vegetarians and vegans, and anyone else looking to boost their omega-3 intake. SunChia is a 100% pure, non-GMO, premium quality chia oil, with at least 60% omega-3 alpha linolenic acid, or ALA.

SunChia is sustainably produced via a proprietary farm-to-finish process that guarantees its quality and stability. It is the only chia oil that’s shelf stable for 2 years, thanks to proprietary XIA PURE Ox Blocker technology. This technology also enables a stable delivery of SunChia’s nutraceutical properties, and a consistent fresh taste and smell, without the risk of rancidity. Plus, there’s no fishy aftertaste. SunChia delivers its powerful omega-3 punch with a delicious nutty flavor.

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