This is an exciting time for Taiyo. We are frequently in the news for our research, new product innovations and collaborations with other premium ingredient suppliers from around the world. For every media story you see, there are dozens of similar stories happening behind the scenes. 

Why are so many companies eager to work with Taiyo? We are a pioneer in the research and manufacture of functional ingredients for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Our innovative ingredients, derived from natural sources, help people live healthier lives. 

research You know our ingredients: Sunfiber, Suntheanine, Suncran, Sunphenon, Teavigo, Sunamla plus matcha, raw coffee powder and others. We take pride in our transparent, clean supply chains and manufacturing processes. We work hard to earn the consumer-driven certifications for our ingredients and our customers’ finished products, including Non-GMO Project Verification, Kosher, Halal, USDA Organic, Low FODMAP certification, Clean Label Project and more. 

And in the very rare instances when we don’t personally offer an ingredient, R&D, technology or expertise to facilitate a formula, we have the right connections to make things happen. 

We are driven by three core ideals:

  1. Imagine: Passionately pursue ideas to improve humanity’s future
  2. Desire: A strong will to achieve our goals and deliver solutions
  3. Create: Establish values that inspire people around the globe

Working with a global business that is committed to excellence can both simplify your projects and ensure they come to fruition. Contact us to start the conversation.