Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe’s business, KidStar Nutrients, resulted from her personal quest to find a suitable dietary iron supplement for her young daughter. After discovering that her toddler was iron deficient, she kept finding products her daughter refused to take or that had not-so-great side effects. 

“That was really the whole reason for starting KidStar Nutrients,” she told Alternative Health Expert Bryce Wylde in this interview. “We realized there were other parents out there looking for great quality products that worked, and that kids would actually take.” Wylde and Vanderhaeghe sat down during Expo West 2022, one of the world’s largest health and natural products trade shows, to discuss the importance of iron in children. 

Vanderhaeghe chose SunActive® Fe for her KidStar BioFe Pure Iron Fer Pur for several reasons. “The most important thing was taste. This is an encapsulated iron. It has no taste,” she explained. She also appreciated the fact that it is gentle on the stomach; won’t stain teeth; will not cause black stool, constipation or other issues common with other iron supplements; and is backed by amazing research. 

Wylde confirmed that KidStar BioFe Pure Iron Fer Pur, made with SunActive® Fe, meets his stringent quality criteria Expo West 2022 Best in Show: safety, sustainability, efficacy, evidence, traceability, transparency, purity and potency.