Taiset OG-C is a novel breakthrough aesthetic modifier featured by “hybrid gelling power”, which is the combination of “hard gelling” and “soft gelling”. Hard gels tend to have just simple hard-and-brittle rheological properties yet, enable to allow highly-effective thickening performance with lowered dosage, while soft gels can achieve desired effects in glossy look and in cushioning feel, yet lack thermostability. Based on in-depth and hands-on manufacturing know-how on polyglycerol fatty acid ester, Taiset OG-C offers a practical solution that blends the best of both these worlds – a top notch aesthetic modification, faster & higher viscosity recovery after shear conditions and less color change from “soft gelling”, and superb thermoresistance and high thickening efficiency from “hard gelling”. These hybrid features allow range of rheological and aesthetic benefits from balm-like solidity to a very slightly cushioning oil to a velvety & melting texture with a light touch on skin while targeting all-kind of oil-based applications. Also, Taiset OG-C doesn’t miss the role of stability enhancer. Not only can it achieve the stability of normal emulsions, but anhydrous systems having hydrophilic substances like glycerin or 1,3-butylene glycol by incorporating them into the gel network of Taiset OG-C in oils. Taiset OG-C powered by ‘Hybrid gelling’ property enables formulators to gain an edge over their competitors in coming up with technically recognized and timelessly beloved formula based on detailed benefits below.

  • Thixotrophic thickener with faster & higher viscosity recovery, which can broaden the range of creation and achieve an unprecedented product stability
  • Create desired effects in look and in feel targeting all-kind of oil-based applications, even shaping very subtle and delicate texture like bouncy, velvety, melting, mellow and beautifully gliding touch
  • Incomparable thickening efficacy with lowered dosage
  • Easy-to-handle including lower melting point
  • Can be fully compatible with hydrocarbons, ester oils, triglycerides, silicone oils, vegetable oils and UV filters by co-formulating auxiliary ingredients having hydroxyl groups (oils, surfactants, polyols etc.)
  • Subtly translucent and glossy visual effects to improve the evaluation of final products
  • Superb stability enhancer covering not only normal emulsions but anhydrous systems with hydrophilic substances

Apart from the above, enchanting and intuitive experience of using final products can be directly linked to raising customer satisfaction. The most user-friendly usage and prestigious look & feel, which are more likely to provide the way of satisfying what smart and best customers really desire.   View TAISET OG-C Product Information   View TAISET OG-C Technical Data Sheet